I have some questions for you : data model properties

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I have some questions for you : data model properties

Post by Admin on Sun 27 May - 15:03

Dear Veljko,

In order to evaluate your invention, i decide to investigate the behavior with a dynamic mechanical simulator software (This CAD integrates the collision effect, gravitation, friction...). In my mind, this approch permits to simulate dynamic effects with physical measurement properties from standard model and also avoids to build 'expensive' prototype without financial and time efforts. Also, this numerical model could be used as a reference to be compared with a real prototype to understand some 'anomalies'.

For this CAD simulation experiment, i need to consolidate data to build numerical model in order to be as accurated as possible.

Please find below the Two-stage mechanical Oscillator 2D dynamic numerical model imagined. Please feel you free to evaluate this model with your real prototype running and well known. In this proposal the goal is to establish a model closed of the real running prototype and also to stay as simple as possible.

I need to consolidate objects properties, described below, please could you help me ?

Best regards


Link to Wiki Project


  • 1 : Mass M2, fixed onto second stage pendulum arm
  • 2 : second stage pendulum arm
  • 3 : second stage pendulum axis
  • 4 : first stage pendulum arm
  • 5 : Mass M1, fixed onto first stage pendulum arm
  • 6 : static arm, fixed onto ground
  • 7 : ground representation
  • 8 : distance between second stage pendulum axis center and frist stage pendulum arm
  • 9 : distance between second stage pendulum axis center and mass M2 center

  • 1 : Mass M2 (kg) ?
  • 2 : Lengh (cm) and Mass ?
  • 5 : Mass M1 (kg) ?
  • 4 : Lengh (cm) ?
  • 8 : Lengh (cm) ?
  • 9 : Lengh (cm) ?


  • 1 : initial angle of second stage pendulum
  • 2 : initial angle of first stage pendulum

  • 1 : angle (rd) ?
  • 2 : angle (rd) ?


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