1 - The project goal

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1 - The project goal

Post by Admin on Sat 12 May - 5:18

Two-stage Mechanical Oscillator researchs from Veljko Milkovic inventor.

The goal is to proove the overnity effect with a scientific approch.

Road Map
0 - Pre-study and investigation (in progress)
1 - Simulate numerical experiment with CAD software in accordance with the standard model.
2 - Design and validate experiment document compliant with the state-of-art.
3 - Build prototype and find instrumentation for experiment
4 - Measure effect by internal Lab to confirm 'anomaly'. A report of experiment is produced.
5 - Measure effect by Official Physic Lab with certified protocol and means
6 - Experiment results publication to scientific community for discussion
7 - Experiment replication by other labs to confirm results


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